Key Crashers

During the Summer of 2018, the Italian duo Simone Bergamelli and Dario Civillini joined forces to create a brand new project: Key Crashers. These two DJs come from different musical backgrounds, and have had the chance to experience different fields related to the music industry. With their shared talent and experiences in different fields, they “Crash” their worlds together and fuse their artistry into something brave and new – a “Key” to a new generation of music, born of the communion of ideas!

Their main goal is life to produce any musical style they wish, and with experience and smarts like theirs, that goal is achieved day after day. Key Crashers is a music group without musical barriers. With releases based on what they like the most, they are mixing with passion, and that is reflected in their music! You won’t find soulless shilling in their tracks. They aren’t a slave to what the market wants. The market ends up wanting what they have, no matter what it is!

In particular, we at DJ Central wanted what they had, when the group turned their mixing powers on Mr DL Down3r, and his global hit song Suga Boom Boom! The results are simply sonic masterpieces in club music that will get anyone from 5 to 95 to bust out a move on the dance floor.

Stay tuned and keep your ear to your phone, who knows what kind of song is going to be released next!

Key Crashers & DL Down3r

Suga Boom Boom, The Remixes - Single

Suga Boom
Key Crashers

Suga Boom Boom Club Mix