Damien Reilly
CEO | Founder
With over 35 years of IT & music industry experience, Damien brings his vast network and business skills to the table to expand Blue Pie Records and its imprint labels catalogue of content rights. Specialist skills include the ability to integrate practical internet based communication systems into businesses and develop new markets. His vast experience in TV, film and music production and his global network of digital entertainment content producers provides Blue Pie with a market leading edge over its competitors.

His specialist skills are building simple and efficient digital content management and monetisation systems. This combined with his vast and deep understanding of the complex worlds of publishing, rights management and mechanical copyrights allows Blue Pie and its label partners to navigate the complex global oceans of the music publishing markets with relative ease.

Damien is an accomplished musician, composer and producer with numerous international recording credits to his name and top 40 chart achievements.

Shruti Tuladhar
Global Internal Accountant
Shruti is the Global Internal Accountant for Blue Pie, DJ Central, and Ordior. She has completed a double masters in Professional Accounting and Business Administration. She is a dedicated and detail-oriented accounting professional. She handles large-volume financial services, and specializes in preparing asset, liability, and capital account management and analysis. With her meticulous analytical mind as well as excellent computational skills, she performs precise auditing tasks, ensuring that financial transactions are accurately represented. She examines financial options through careful risk and benefit options.

She has always been enthusiastic toward accounting and business, which is evident in the fact that she completed two Postgraduates in Australia right after her undergraduate of Business Administration in Nepal. She started to work at an early age, and achieved lots of experience in accounting and bookkeeping: she started her career as an Admin Officer, then would eventually move on to work as an Accounts Assistant in a Law Firm in Auburn, NSW. She is now an Internal Accountant for Blue Pie, DJ Central, and Ordior. She engaged herself into securing a reliable profession that would allow her to progress in terms of skill development, and improvement through exposure to new inspirations for professional growth, as well as the growth of the company. As you can imagine, her set of skills are invaluable when managing both a catalogue of numerous artists and an entire TV series such as DJ Central TV!

Shruti comes from one of the loveliest places in the world, Nepal. From a hard-working family in Kathmandu, Shruti arrived in Australia with a dream to complete her master’s degree, and since then, she has achieved far more than just that. Shruti is a driven person with a pleasant demeanour and a friendly personality. Her hobbies are listening to music, watching Netflix, and enjoying nature. She likes to balance her professional and private life, and she enjoys her off-time spending quality time with her family and friends.

Liam Teer
Global License Manager
Liam Teer is an individual with a true wealth of experience, and his employment at both Blue Pie and Ordior is certain to shoot our distribution and rights management departments ahead by miles. He is working at our companies as the Global License Manager, and will be applying himself to the many challenges we face every day.

Liam lived in London, UK between 2010 and 2017. and spent several periods living in Brazil between 2014 and 2019. He has spent the majority of his career here in Australia, but his worldly experience is doubtlessly going to come in handy! A great lover of music, Liam has become acquainted with many musical avenues from all across the globe, as well as their corresponding rights management departments.

Liam is an experienced music professional, with a background in music licensing and catalogue marketing. Previously, he has worked for EMI Music, Universal Music, Shock Entertainment and Liberation Music. Liam has originated and developed more than 250 compilation products between 2003 and 2014, spanning many genres and formats. He has also managed brands and joint venture partnerships, including NOW That’s What I Call Music, 100% Hits, CMAA The Winners, Video Hits, The World’s Best Ever Beer Songs, “101” 5CD sets, Floorfillers, Classic Hits’ Legends series (with ARN), Country Music Channel, Sony Music, Warner Music, and even the prestigious Big Day Out!

With this level of experience comes all kinds of achievements and accolades, not least of which are his contributions toward five ARIA Compilation Chart #1 albums, 30 ARIA-certified Platinum albums, and 25 Gold albums. But it’s not just typical music for listening that Liam has managed: he has also managed licensing for the ARIA #1 soundtrack album of the TV mini-series “Molly” for Liberation Music. He has also briefed and worked with creative agencies and studios on the development of artwork concepts, advertising and POS materials, and identified opportunities for new revenue potential throughout his career.

Liam is also experienced in some of the more complicated avenues music management has to offer, such as negotiation of physical and digital master licenses with in-house labels, and local and international third-party licensors. He has executed TV, print and digital marketing campaigns and initiatives, and compiled label copy documents. From there, what came next was the entry of label copy data for ingestion into relevant systems. It’s a process, one Liam is all too familiar with, which makes him a perfect fit for our line of work.

During his time at Blue Pie and Ordior, he’ll be getting reacquainted with the skills that have carried him throughout his journey. Much of what he’ll be accomplishing here will be similar to the roads he has already traveled, and we’re very keen to see his expertise in action. Even when the future becomes uncertain, we’re sure that Liam’s flexibility will help see us through the unknown territory, turning the new and unfamiliar into yet another bullet point of experience he has in his repertoire! We’re very glad to have him on the team.

Telia Mahon
Admin Manager and Content Specialist
Telia started working at Blue Pie as an unpaid intern on the 2nd of April 2020, handling content distribution duties – uploading various albums to specific aggregation websites. But, eager to prove her skills, she rapidly advanced to a paid role on the 14th.

Currently, she is the Content Specialist for Symphonic, Songtradr and Adrev. While she mostly handles various tasks including content coding, she also has a larger role – that of Admin Manager. It’s thanks to her that the accounts and payrolls of all our staff are attended to properly.

Telia’s main hobbies include sport, specifically athletics and sprinting. She will be joining the Athletics club in Wollongong in October to further her skills. She enjoys pop music, and her favourite artists include Khalid and Post Malone.

A pragmatic individual, Telia is no stranger to grabbing the bull by the horns and familiarising herself with new territory rapidly until she becomes an expert. She’s an asset to our Blue Pie team, and both her roles help keep the admin side of things running smoothly.

Andrew Marmara
Publishing Specialist
Andrew is the publishing and administration manager for Ordior, and manages the licensing for our partner companies of Blue Pie and DJ Central. He makes sure that copyrights are registered in the correct rights management societies. He also manages the music reports, as well as a wide array of sites and services.

Andrew has been with us for around five years. Throughout the duration of his internship and employment, he has shown us that he is a devoted individual. When you give a task to Andrew, you know it’ll be seen through to the end with the highest attention to detail possible.

Andrew is passionate about film & TV, professional wrestling, and is an avid fan of the Sydney Roosters. In May 2016, he graduated from TAFE with a Certificate III in Screen and Media (Film & TV), and has many skills in video editing and production under his belt, and has used these for several passion projects. The full extent of these are available to read on his LinkedIn.

It’s a common sight in our offices to see Andrew ploughing away at some complex data management task on his computer, day in and day out. That’s how you know it’ll be high quality. Without him, our business with ASCAP and the other services listed above would not be managed with such aplomb, and the company would suffer for it. His influence has been felt within Ordior and our partners, much to our gratitude.

MD Asif Adnan
CTO | Webmaster
Asif is the webmaster for DJ Central, Ordior, and Blue Pie. He takes care of our database and internet security, and manages the royalty reporting with the India team. Since joining the team on the 3rd of April 2019, our internet presence has been handled with management skills unlike any we’ve seen before. Asif is a diligent worker and can handle any task thrown at him, usually in a matter of minutes.

He completed a B.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering in 2016, and also completed a Certificate IV in Web Based Technologies in Granville. He likes country and folk music, and has a passion for cricket. Asif has competed in the Shires Club Championship, representing Bangladesh in Sydney Thunder Nation Cup, and is the current captain of the Sydney Predators Incorporated!

Asif manages everything from errant coding in old websites to modern day web pages being set up properly. It’s thanks to him and the India team that our websites are functional, let alone that they look good! Asif’s valiant efforts and devotions fit into Blue Pie, DJ Central, and Ordior like a glove, and we’re forever grateful to have him on the team.

Carola Pandre
General Manager LATAM
Carola was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She’s passionate about music and entertainment, and has spent many years working in the entertainment industry in order to pursue her passion as far as it can go. Her favourite musical genres are jazz, rock, R&B, and soul.

In 2010, Carola started working at Sony Music Argentina at the age of 22, where she worked with several artists. Fast forward a few years later, and she became a product manager and tour manager of artists at Pirca Records & Entertainment. She then advanced to the role of event producer for the Lollapalooza Argentina Festival, as well as the Secretary of Culture of Bs As City, European Union Argentina. Her global experience is ideal for Ordior, which is all about supporting artists and their works from all over the world.

Now, 10 years after her big debut, Carola started happily working alongside Ordior, as well as Ordior’s partner companies, Blue Pie and DJ Central. Carola assists Ordior as the South American Business Development Manager. She helps to expand our market in her corner of the globe, and thanks to her, we’ll be connecting with Latin artists even more than we already have. Rumour has it that a Spanish version of DL Down3r’s famous Suga Boom Boom is in the works, and when it comes to fruition, we’ll have Carola’s organisational efforts to thank for it! This is a big project that’s had a lot of work put into it, so it’s good to have people like Carola and our own Alyssa Martin spearheading this global campaign.

Carola has established herself as a valued member of the team in a very short amount of time, and with her assisting Ordior, Blue Pie, and DJ Central, the sky is the limit.

Delfina Armendares
Media Specialist
Delfina was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is a passionate new age media, social media and communications strategist, with over 10 years of social media experience in developing new markets and communities. She is an asset to Ordior’s social media team and helps us break new ground and find new effective methods every day! After all, social media is but another frontier in managing an artist in the modern world, and it has its own array of legal issues to navigate – with Delfina’s help, we can do this in style.

In the past, she worked in advertising and production, and her main projects include Youth Olympic Games, Olympic Broadcast Services, and the Warner Channel New Zealand. She enjoys creating the communication of brands and helping them grow to their full potential. She has extensive knowledge in both the arts and music fields. Her preferred genres of music include 70’s Rock’n’Roll, EDM, Jazz, and blues. This has helped shape her experience towards all things social media, teaching her how to correctly and efficiently promote an artist. Identifying a client’s target audience and coming up with an effective marketing plan comes as second nature to this up-and-coming social media specialist! Her skills are valuable assets to both Ordior and our many partnered companies.

Delfina is the Ordior Social Media Manager for Latin America. As part of her role, Defina manages and oversees a portfolio of social media profiles for DJ Central TV, Planet Blue Pictures USA, Blue Pie Records USA, Metal Central TV, and of course Ordior.

Martín Carrier
Forensic Royalty Specialist
Martín is a Forensic Royalty Specialist in the Latin American departments of both Blue Pie and Ordior. He is a language and arts enthusiast, as well as a proactive person who knows how to generate a pleasant work environment, and works well within his team. Born on the 25th of March 1999, he lives and works out of Argentina like most of the rest of our LATAM teams. He enjoys swimming, cinema, and of course, music.

Martín attended his primary and secondary education at Jean Mermoz French Argentine Lyceum from 2003-2017. Here he earned a French Bac of Eco. Sciences and Sociology, as well as a General Baccalaureate. From 2018-2019, he studied sound engineering at the National University of Tres de Febrero, and in 2020, he studied Sound and Image Design at the University of Buenos Aires. In 2019, he worked as a customer care professional at American Express Argentina. His departments were “Know Your Customer”, a division in small business services and corporate specialities in the French Market, and “Disputes U.S.”, where he worked for a couple of months providing support to alleviate the rise of disputes during the COVID-19 pandemic. He has skills in Microsoft Office, Google Suite, Ableton Live, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop. In his spare time, Martín can be found honing his skills and experiencing all life has to offer. Between 2018 and 2019, he was a freelance bass and guitar teacher, and before that, he worked with the NGO Sumando Ladrillos, embarking on the compassion-fueled journey of painting numerous houses in 2015.

Martín’s skills in data entry prove most useful for his roles at Blue Pie and Ordior. The majority of the time he spends in our office he is working to ensure that the rights management of our catalogue is managed appropriately, and that the royalties earned in its circulation are delivered to the appropriate parties. This requires an extensive amount of data to be triple checked and amassed by appropriate systems, as well as regular correspondences between artists, agencies, representatives, and countless middlemen. Looking at Martín’s history, it is clear to see that the skills he has acquired over the years will suit him well going forward, and we’re very glad to have him on our teams.

Chloé Ruiz
Design & Brand Manager
Chloé is a graphic designer with many years of experience. Born in Reims in Northeastern France, she and her family moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she lived most of her life before coming to Australia. Throughout her 32 years of life, she has worked as a graphic designer for 8 years, and as a freelance for 6 years with Surimag Studio – a personal graphic design studio focused in brand identity, editorial, communication and packaging design. After building her experience to an impressive degree, she has joined our team in Australia as our Global Media Manager and Graphic Design Consultant.

Chloé is in charge of all the graphic design for the artists who we work with via our record label partner companies, as well as direct design for Ordior. She helps manage the design team, and organises cover artworks, editorial brochures, visual content for social networks (banners, logos, comp cards), PowerPoint presentations, and art retouching. As she’s fluent in English, Spanish and French, she also assists with performing translations for the social media team.

Chloé is an analytical person. By paying attention to the details, she leans towards the elegant, favouring minimalist and functional designs. She is versatile, and seeks to respond to challenges with a design that reflects this, and also to contribute to the many cultures of the world in a positive and coherent manner. Considering that we are an international operation and deal with many types of music from all over the world, she has certainly found her place here!

She has experience with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, as well as InDesign and various web design platforms. She enjoys diving, Pilates, and is even a growing jewellery artist. In her spare time, she enjoys listening to music from a vast array of genres, including worldwide music, jazz, chill out, hip hop, classical, dub, reggae, electronic, pop, rock and roll, and general indie songs!

Chloé is interested in multidisciplinary projects and jobs. She has excellent communication, problem-solving and leadership skills. She is a self-starter, able to work independently, as well as able to perform teamwork and multi-tasking. She is always looking for opportunities to travel to different parts of the world, to widen her perspectives and have enriching experiences for her professional training. We’re lucky that her latest journey took her down to Australia!

Annabelle Parrelli
Global General Manager
Ordior are pleased to introduce a new team member in our Forensic Royalty, Publishing, Rights and Content Specialists department! Annabelle Parrelli is the Global General Manager for Ordior, and is instrumental in all matters pertaining to client interaction, catalogue acquisitions, legal support and other such administrative duties.

Annabelle began her career in music in 2013, as a member of the royalty team at Universal Music Australia. Leading the team across Australia and New Zealand, she cultivated a deep passion for the music industry, established meaningful relationships across partners, labels and colleagues, and displayed an acumen for artist and creator advocacy.

Annabelle brings a wealth of experience in adapting global solutions and driving commercial goals forward, project managing catalogue acquisitions and digitisations, streamlining revenue streams, and monetising artist and creator content to ensure that all material was claimed and protected. When applying this to her roles at Ordior, client interaction stands out as a particular strength, which entails delivering revenue and distribution reports, managing pending network claims, corresponding with labels such as The Music Factory, among many other duties.

Annabelle joins Ordior with a strong belief that accurate and accessible data is critical to preserve truth in music information, to advocate for all creators through crucial representations, and to establish the confidence and trust necessary to building strong relationships. She is a flexible individual that is ideal to the ever-changing workflow of Ordior’s everyday tasks, and we’re very glad to have her on the team!

Edmund Cotter
Media Manager
Edmund is the Media Manager for Blue Pie, DJ Central, Ordior, and other related subsidiaries. He handles various tasks for DJ Central, Blue Pie, Metal Central, and other related companies, mostly in the form of promotion, statistical reports, and market strategy. He also has written all the news articles, new releases, and newsletters for these websites since advancing to this role in January 2019, and believes in putting passion and creativity first.

Edmund studied at Charles Sturt University Wagga Wagga from 2013-2017, and has a Bachelor of Creative Arts and Design, with a double major in sound production and English. He has a particular fascination with creative writing. He enjoys electronic ambient music, drum and bass, and hip-hop.

Edmund started his role at the company as a volunteer intern, where he managed content and spent many hours reorganising disorderly song catalogues, and checking thousands of songs for their audio quality. From there, he advanced into a paid role, and used his organisational skills and attention to detail to keep an enormous database of music and artists orderly and under control. He later transitioned into the role of social media manager, and has previously led a small team of four people within the social media department. Per his previous roles, when required, he revisits the world of catalogue organisation and uploading, and social media management, when required. However, most of his time is spent in his current role of media manager, and he continues to use his organisational skills to the fullest.

In his current position, Edmund is responsible for the company’s media. He can often be found organising spread sheets of artist catalogues, tour dates, social media reach trends, and other complex data. He also puts his creative writing skills to work, by writing and editing artist bios, new releases, technical manuals for new employees, and promotional articles. He has also put his strange thoughts into practice alongside Sara Cornish to create company-branded Tik Tok videos, with the objective being as much ridiculous entertainment as can be achieved. Beyond this, Edmund also handles many other miscellaneous tasks, and his role is as diverse as it comes.

Edmund is a persistent worker and hates the disorder that arises from working under a flimsy plan. He is a creative thinker and enjoys keeping everything functional, neat, and orderly. He believes that to think outside the box, one has to thoroughly understand the box inside and out, before one dares deconstruct it – and, as he puts it, he also believes in “a lot of other pretentious stuff just like that too”.

Carolina Gestoso
Forensic Royalty Specialist
Carolina started working at a young age, and always in art related areas. This led her to study and get her Bachelor degree in Dramatic Arts. She is a comprehensive professional, with training in acting, dancing, singing and music as well as media and event management. She is creative and decisive and has great passion for the Music Industry.

Carolina is a Musical Theater fan and loves to share her passion with her family, who introduced her into Musicals. She loves to jam to any Broadway songs.

As part of the Ordior Forensic Royalty Recovery team, Carolina works with the Ordior clients to detect, collect and manage unpaid and uncollected royalties.

Gabe Rizza
Studio and Production Manager
Gabe is the Studio and Production Manager at Blue Pie Records, DJ Central Records, and Ordior. He favours disco, house, and pop, but is multidisciplinary and loves all music. He has worked under the alias of Apollo Sky, and has been making a name for himself at Blue Pie and DJ Central by remixing some of the most popular tracks on the catalogues, such as CB’s Fantasy, and all the hits from Key Loch, including their chilling cover of Frozen! Gabe often works very closely with Key Loch, and when he isn’t managing the studio and production, he’s working on the Blue Pie/DJ Central radio show/podcast with host MCs Mighty and Pyrite, or flexing his creativity with his excellent remix and remastering repertoire.

Gabe has a rich history in the industry, and has been a singer-songwriter producer and mastering engineer for over 30 years. Gabe was signed to the Australian Dance Label “Pro DJ International” in the late 90’s with his R & B Pop Group, “About Time”. Gabe then released his first single “Lies”, which went on to become a number one hit on the urban dance charts. He was then employed by his label to take on the role of head music producer/mastering engineer. From there, he continued to produce, remix and engineer a huge repertoire of recorded works under the Pro DJ, Ultra Violet and Mezzanine (UMA) Record Labels.

Gabe was then asked to work for Universal Music Australia, and so moved from Melbourne to Sydney to take on the role of Head Producer of the Hyperion dance/pop label. There, he continued to produce & engineer for many high profile artists from both Australia and across the world. It was at this time that he started his own music production company known as Millennium Productions, where he also continued to produce and engineer music and album compilations for many big movers and shakers in the industry. These included the likes of Global Recordings, Sony, EMI, Universal Music, Warner Records and Phoenix Records!

Gonzalo Cabrera
Forensic Royalty Specialist
Gonzalo Cabrera is an enthusiastic young man, with a love for music which acts as the wind beneath his wings. With a bachelor’s degree in public relations, he’s passionate about understanding the consumer, their needs, and what satisfies them.

Intimately familiar with life’s exciting avenues, Gonzalo loves playing soccer and cooking, and due to a family legacy, has a fascination with fine arts. If you borrowed his headphones, you could hear any number of things from tango to house, as well as rock, both indie and mainstream. He’s a man who has walked many roads in life, and his worldly knowledge is plain to see in the assets he brings to Ordior and our partner companies Blue Pie and DJ Central.

The skills he brings to our team in Latin America are unparalleled, and he can easily solve any challenges that are presented in a creative and effective way. As a social media specialist, this mindset and worldview are invaluable tools to get a grip on any markets that may be lurking out in the wilds of the music world.

As part of the Ordior Forensic Royalty Recovery team, Gonzalo works with the Ordior clients to detect, collect and manage unpaid and uncollected royalties.

Gonzalo is an empathetic person who can understand and recognise the emotions of those he works with. He is proactive and has excellent skills in the fields of communication and marketing. We’re very glad to have him on the team.

Ariel Alejandro Masi
Social Media Manager - LATAM
Ariel is the social media manager for the Latin American departments of both Blue Pie and Ordior. He has a bachelor of arts and a bachelor of journalism, and used to be an art teacher with experience in both UBA and UNA. His experience with communication and visual design makes him an excellent fit for our LATAM social media manager, as does his skill with multiple languages: he speaks Spanish natively, and also speaks English, French, German and Italian. With this set of skills, he can communicate with multiple audiences across the world (in style!) which is a true asset in the field of social media.

Ariel was born in 1989 in Argentina in Buenos Aires. In his spare time, he has acted as a professional ski instructor on the Boreal Mountain Resort (Truckee, CA) and the Waterville Valley Resort. (Waterville Valley, NH) When not on the slopes, he’s studying hard for yet more education – he’s expected to have a Masters in Argentinian and Latin American Art History this year!

Ariel has always hit the ground running when it comes to the world of art. In 2014, he was a tour guide at Bicentenario’s Museum, and in 2015 he was an assistant at CCK. From 2018 until recently, he was a visual arts teacher at St. Xavier’s College, a primary school – from 2021, obviously, he began his roles at Blue Pie and Ordior. He takes into these roles his experience that he accumulated from his previous adventures – such as exposition, comparative study, and a showcase of process. Skills with tools like these are sure to help with pursuing the nicest-looking memes for social media work! Another component of social media is knowing the trends and patterns that drive high traffic online – Ariel even has this covered too. He has worked as a Ubacyt Investigator, running a research project at the University of Buenos Aires School of Law, as well as an Assistant Professor at UBA studying state theory. Combine this with his bachelor in journalism and his art sense, and you can be sure that he’s going to be spearheading some ambitious projects in the future!

Ariel is a very welcome addition to our teams. When you see our social media posts on the Blue Pie and Ordior series of pages and networks, you can be sure it’s him and his team working hard, and we’re very much excited to see where he takes us all in the future, especially in the Latin American music and media forensics markets!

Colin Seeger
Corporate Affairs
Colin graduated in law from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia in 1976. Since then, he has been active in the emerging field of IP management and maximizing value from intangible property.
In 1979, he moved to London where he worked in the collectables company, Stanley Gibbons – the world’s oldest philatelic trading house. Then he was engaged to work in the international copyright division of Chappell Intersong, (now Warner Chappell) where he was part of a team developing one of the world’s earliest relational-database platforms. This platform was intended to administer the company’s global catalogue of intangible but very valuable property i.e. music copyrights. It was a unique grounding in international copyright, as it applies to the entertainment business.

He returned to Australia in 1984 to become Corporate Counsel and Head of Legal & Business for Polygram Australia, (now Universal Music) where he was responsible for the group’s legal work. This involved negotiating and writing recording agreements, catalogue licenses, attending to the group’s trademarks, and overseeing litigation. He was part of the team who created the first co-venture with ABC Enterprises for the ABC’s recordings and videos.

He was Executive Manager for the Hunter Angels through 2018, assisting both venture promoters and potential investors who have an interest in being involved with “start-ups”, but who need assistance in evaluating business proposals, and he remains passionate about contributing to Newcastle’s emergence as an evolved post-carbon economy.

In his spare time, he searches the extreme ends of Spotify, reads extensively on human cognition and language, English Constitutional history, physics and macroeconomics and media theory. He does not Facebook. We are proud to have him as such a critical part of the Ordior team.

Liam Walker
Content Specialist
Liam Walker, like many of our current employees, rose through the ranks after starting as an unpaid intern. His current roles include managing and organising metadata, as well as organising the video production side of Blue Pie, DJ Central, and of course Ordior. Working alongside other VFX gurus like Kenny Everest, Liam manages and produces various video content, including filming, editing, posting, and managing content for our partner company’s new Blue Pie gaming channel!

A 2019 graduate of the University of Wollongong, Liam has a bachelor’s degree in Digital Media (Arts). The Digital Media course allowed him to focus on filming and editing techniques. These have been utilised for filming his gym members as they competed in various tournaments. Additionally, his editing skills were greatly applied to YouTube gaming channels, as they supplied him with raw footage, which was used to make 10 – 15 minute videos. A Twitch channel for our partner Blue Pie’s gaming endeavours is a natural progression of this

In his spare time, Liam practices Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ for short), and has been doing so for several years. He has also been practicing Boxing for around a year, and is all about that fitness life. When he listens to music, he prefers hip-hop/R&B with an emphasis on alternative & trap, alternative rock, and if he’s in the right mood for it, he enjoys 80s rock/pop.

Liam is a man with a diverse set of useful skills, which we at Blue Pie, Ordior, and DJ Central are very privileged to have at our disposal. Whether he’s managing the immense volume of musical content we put out on a daily basis or creating another innovative video, you can be sure that with him at the helm, the end product will be smooth and professional.

Kate Ingham
Chief Strategy Officer
Kate is a specialist in project finance. She began her career in film and radio, and has served in a senior executive capacity with two federal arts agencies. Interested in emerging technologies, Kate moved into the start-up scene in Australia, raising capital and building connections across the international funding community.

Consulting from her own boutique advisory company Ki Media, she secured for her client the government tender to deliver the NSW Innovation Advisory Service, where the business consulted to thousands of companies across NSW. Over her career, Kate has landed more than $15 million AUD worth of grants across a diverse range of sectors. She has raised over $10 million equity capital for businesses, and as director, operated a funding program valued at $17.5 million over five years.

Kate brings strong management, communication skills and commercial realism to assignments. Her formal qualifications in communications and financial planning give considerable practical experience in both areas. Her strength is in building partnerships, communicating across sectors, and identifying opportunities and alliances. Kate is the Ordior Chief Strategy Officer and works with Ordior’s clients and partners, overseeing a network of government funding partners. Kate keeps the company direction clear, straight and narrow, with teams being focused at all times.

Nicole Goldszmidt
Forensic Royalty Specialist
Passionate and persevering: with these qualities Nicole immersed herself in the world of the Music Industry first working in the area of communication, back in 2013, in Festivals held by the Secretary of Culture of Bs. As. City. That changed once she got the opportunity to travel on tour in Latin America at the hands of Disney, and started to produce big gigs in Argentina.

She is a music and live entertainment fan. Due to the fact that her family is too, she always got involved with art in some way: singing, guitar, photography and cinematography classes. The “Behind the Cameras” world for her is everything.

As part of the Ordior Forensic Royalty Recovery team, Nicole works with the Ordior clients to detect, collect and manage unpaid and uncollected royalties.

Daniela Flores
Radio & Playlist Assistant
Daniela Flores is a radio and playlist assistant working with our Latin American team. Born in Caracas, Venezuela, she’s passionate about creative processes and stimulating challenges to achieve goals. This makes sense, as she’s also a journalist. She has experience in writing, directing, producing, and press, and has mainly worked out of Venezuela, Argentina, and the US.

In 2014, she created “Eurek! Magazine”, a digital entertainment and variety magazine, furthering her journalism journey to the next level. She enjoys working in a team, but can also fly solo. This level of people skills and management experience is doubtlessly going to come in handy, as distributing our gargantuan catalogue across multiple radio networks every day requires persistence, clever planning, and piles upon piles of spreadsheets!

Daniela is always ready to lead a team in any task that comes her way, and is the quintessential extrovert, as she says she is nourished by each person and each experience that comes her way. If anyone is up to the task of radio and playlist management, it’s Daniela.

Simon Smithers
With over 40 years of experience across multiple media industries including film, TV, and digital media, Simon Smithers has always been at the bleeding edge of technology adaption and industry practice.

Simon is the CEO and founder of Indyfilm Pty Ltd, and his film career started in 1981. He has worked on Australian, Hollywood, British and international co-productions as an assistant editor, sound editor, and general editor. With extensive stints in broadcast television, Simon evolved into a camera operator, producer, and executive producer, developing and producing hundreds of hours of quality broadcast television.

In the early 1990s whilst lecturing at Charles Sturt University, he was an early adopter of digital media production and pioneering the use of online learning and multimedia production for distance education. With extensive experience in digital media, Simon has worked for many of Australia’s leading digital broadcasters and media organizations. This field of experience makes him invaluable to our work that we at Ordior perform with our partners at DJ Central and Blue Pie.

Simon’s wealth of experience extends far beyond his history with us, however. His tales are endless, going further than what we have listed above. For example, while working for News Limited (News Interactive) in the year 2000, he produced over 20 news packages a day with a staff of 6, winning awards for their coverage of the Sydney Olympics. During his tenure with News Limited, he developed the first Java pop-up player with thumbnails and a playlist that has become commonplace on the web today. Post the tech-wreck in 2001 he moved back into Television producing drama, documentaries, and television commercials. He ran his own advertisement agency, which produced 1000 TVC.

Simon’s unique skill set straddles both broadcast and online media. With a technical and creative bent, he is ideally positioned to lead the team to deliver an industrial-strength online broadcast experience global pioneer, which provides an extremely high-value user experience. With him on our team, we can be sure that Ordior clients and the viewers of our partner companies will always get the highest quality experience that they possibly can – after all, supporting the rights of media is far less impactful if the media itself isn’t running smoothly!

Simon brings over 40 years of TV, film and documentary experience to Ordior in his role as a producer and director. Simon is also a producer with Planet Blue Pictures USA, DJ Central TV, Blue Pie Productions USA, and a director for the film Looking For Bon: www.lookingforbon.com

Simon works with the Ordior team to insure that all productions made by Ordior and its partners are properly documented and protect by the Ordior rights management services team.

Naomi Krell
Marketing and Branding
Naomi Krell began her career in the Music Industry at 18, working for a UK independent music company, and within a short period of time, she found herself head of the export department. After a quick few years, Naomi started Avanti Records, which had become one of the largest UK export distribution companies servicing both Europe and Scandinavia. The company was sold in the late 80’s to one of her customers Telstar Records, a leading UK TV advertising company at the time. Following that time, Naomi moved to the US in the early 90’s, and founded Avant Garde Merchandising, a music distribution company distributing to all major US retailers. While working with Wal-Mart, her largest client at the time, she helped design and introduce their Canadian budget music program.

In 2006, Naomi founded Kings Road Multi Media, with offices based in London and Los Angeles. Under her direction, Kings Road Multi Media developed its own re-issue label for distribution. Kings Road titles have been distributed to major retailers in the US and Europe, including Wal-Mart, Borders, Barnes and Nobel, Tower, HMV and mail order. Kings Road began creating custom packages for brands in all genres of music. Quickly becoming known for its creative and beautiful packages, Kings was commissioned by music labels to add to their repertoire. For example, a Jazz line for Wagram in France, and a Country line for Publishers clearing house in the US, along with individual titles for TV direct response companies.

In response to the new digital world of music distribution, Naomi and the Kings Road team developed a unique platform at www.lovemydownload.com. Love My Download delivers branded digital rewards, music, eBook and film, that offer a highly perceived value loyalty product, which has been used successfully for incentive, referral, loyalty and other brand marketing campaigns and programs. The platform’s success is due to its customization and sensory memory impact. In a short period of time Kings Road Multimedia has worked with big brand names such as Kimberly Clark, The Hilton Group, Radio Times, Milestone hotels, City National Bank, Vodafone, Johnson and Johnson, M&M’s, Daily Mail Rewards, as well as Airlines such as Etihad and KLM.

Naomi’s philosophy on business is all about life-long relationships, building together with a free exchange of ideas and success. The process of sales is listening to the needs of the customer, and if you don’t do something yet, then create it! Her mother’s mantra was “there is no such word as can’t”, and this has stuck with Naomi always. Naomi and the Kings Road Multimedia team work with Ordior to commercialise and expand sales of the company’s services.

Elise Mae Lewis
Forensic Royalty Specialist
Elise is a Forensic Royalty Specialist for both Blue Pie and Ordior, and works in both the forensics field and the content coding field, making sure our catalogue is distributed to the world. The majority of the time, she works to ensure that the rights management of our catalogue is managed appropriately, and that the royalties earned in its circulation are delivered to the appropriate parties. A calm individual, she loves music and is very keen to get all the gears behind the scenes of the industry running smoothly.

Elise has had quite a storied career, spanning across many different financial eras and industries. In the 80s she acted as a Secretary/Receptionist at both Sheaffer Pen Textron and Parramatta Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Centre, then in the 90s she moved into the Westmead Children’s Hospotal as Executive Assistant to Director of Clinical Genetics. In the 2000s she worked as Office Manager in Bowral’s Walker Street General Practice, and supervised a team of seven staff members, along with managing her many other duties. From 2007 until 2015, she transitioned into working as the Business/Administrative Support to the Group Manager in Planning Development & Regulatory Services at the Wingecarribee Shire Council. Throughout this experience, she was tasked with a great many number of duties, and was required to exercise a long list of skills from communication to strategic. After this, she worked for approximately a year as a Purchasing Officer/Contracts Admin at New Berrima’s Boral Cement. She was trained extensively throughout her many jobs, and picked up a great deal of IT knowledge – all of which can be applied to her new simultaneous roles at Blue Pie and Ordior. She possesses solid computer and database skills including: Property and Rating, Finance 1, Dataworks, Kronos, Microsoft Suite, Outlook, and Intranet/Internet.

Throughout her career, Elise has demonstrated a strong work-flow ability, as well as a knack for maintaining processes and procedures. She is exceptionally analytical and skilled at multi-tasking, and will pursue any goal she is required to perform with efficiency. With the schedules she creates for herself in her duties, the highest priority tasks are always comprehensively dealt with, and despite the stress-inducing level of data she has to sort through on a daily basis, she is always focused and ready to learn any new skills she may need. Her long list of skills and experiences are certain to come in handy when working at our partnered companies!

Fiorella Bustamante
Forensic Royalty Specialist
Fiorella is a very responsible and passionate person, always looking for opportunities to make a difference. She has over 10 years of experience in the music industry, working in music events, administrative and executive management, live shows, and recording albums and festivals.

A music fan through-and-through, she loves The Beatles, as well as rock, pop, reggae, and indie music. She also loves graphic design, and has made many flyers, album covers, and party designs. Experienced in capturing the aesthetic of every artist’s style, she is an eager graphic designer, and puts her skills to good use with our Latin American team.

Fiorella is eager to learn, discover and create more designs inspired by music. At our partner company Blue Pie, she puts both her graphic design and administrative sets of skills to work for the LATAM team, and it’s thanks to her that their aesthetics are consistent and their affairs are on track! And to the same effect, her promotional work is a valuable asset to our work at Ordior. We’re lucky to have her.

As part of the Ordior Forensic Royalty Recovery team, Fiorella works with the Ordior clients to detect, collect and manage unpaid and uncollected royalties.

Sara Cornish
Design and Admin Specialist
Sara is the Design and Admin Specialist for Blue Pie and DJ Central. Working as an unpaid intern since the 6th of January 2020, she soon embraced a paid role at the company on the 15th of September 2020, and she hasn’t looked back. Many of our most successful albums, such as those from DL Down3r, feature album covers designed by Sara!

A passionate creator, Sara is always thinking of new designs or backstories for characters in her spare time. When Sara applies herself to any given task, the results are always impressive, as is clear to see in her acquisition of a Brown Belt in Karate – the grade just below a fully-fledged Black Belt, and one that takes many years of training to achieve! Sara also enjoys a wide variety of music, though Rammstein will always be her favourite.

When a visual problem needs solving, Sara is there to help. Her duties include touching up and editing established images, as well as creating entirely new ones, for promotion, album covers, and other essential visual needs such as comp cards. These duties also extend into web design. Sara fixes the bios for our artists, to make sure all the information displayed is correct and that the webpages and links function properly. Beyond this, she also researches relevant content for our artists and handles other areas of promotion such as physical media scanning, and brewing ideas for intentionally ridiculous company Tik Toks alongside Edmund Cotter.

Sara is a driven and soulful individual, and is always keen to bring something that’s trapped in her mind to colourful life. Her creative influence is a true asset to our team whenever we need anything to do with visual design.

Sabrina Di Claudio
Media Specialist
With a passion for music and entertainment running back to the tender age of 9, Sabrina started her career as a Social Media Manager, live music events producer, and press assistant in 2013. Since then her star has truly risen, and she’s spent much of her time on social media. She loves creating and developing digital content and strategies, and every day she lives to expand her horizons!

Previously working as a host for a radio station dedicated exclusively to children, Sabrina is a specialist with appealing to key markets. She has explored niche areas and has had particular experience with this in 2015 by creating a thematic party dedicated to the 90s music world. She acted as the artistic and executive producer of this party, and her adventures didn’t stop there.

She’s seen a lot of what the creative world has to offer, and boasts a degree in Communication Sciences from the University of Buenos Aires. She’s a go-getter and is always up for the challenges the industry throws her way. This set of unique skills, as well as her passion to seize every opportunity, are assets that our social media team can’t do without!

Anthony Milton
Radio Specialist
Anthony is the radio and playlist manager for Ordior, working directly with our partner companies, Blue Pie and DJ Central. With a strong background in practical, hands-on positions, he has learnt a wide variety of skills, attributes and knowledge. A team player, Anthony is at home when working in a group, however he prides himself in taking direction and being able to work autonomously. With excellent organisational skills and an enthusiastic motivated attitude in his arsenal, he has been consistently recognised by employers and school faculty for his creative mind and organisational skills – making him a natural fit for our team.

On the 20th of August, 2020, Anthony started working with us as an unpaid intern, but rapidly advanced to paid work due to his excellent skills. The lion’s share of Anthony’s experience lies in practical/labouring work, and yet he’s also the perfect fit for office work – a juxtaposition that truly lets his versatility shine through! With excellent communication, listening, and problem solving skills, Anthony is a fast and flexible learner.

Currently, his duties include coding music to websites such as Songtradr and Symphonic, as well as reporting errors and organising songs and albums. Familiar with both the duties of uploading new content and organising old content, Anthony’s duties also extend to his role as the head of the radio promotion department, spreading our best tracks far and wide. He works directly with our radio promotion work, compiling stats reports and organising support for the music that we help manage.

In his spare time, Anthony can usually be found on a road trip, working on timber, or on the golf course. A long time fan of the sport, he loves hitting the goals as much as he loves cars, music, his friends, and his family. A real eclectic when it comes to music, he loves blues, country, classical, hop hip, RnB, rock, metal, rap, techno, and even dubstep – all perfect things to play on a relaxing drive.

Anthony is a versatile and methodical individual. His experience with manual labour and customer service make him a valuable part of a team that deals with complex data management issues daily, and his rational modus operandi is a core part of why our radio and content management run so smoothly.

Francisco Iudica
Social Media Assistant
Francisco Iudica is a social media assistant with our Latin American branch. As a musician and cultural producer, he is greatly interested in the world of art, and artists in general. This of course includes the tools that we use to communicate with our social media platforms, and the audiences and followerbases of our various artists. Francisco, therefore, always wanted to work in a record label, and learn about the company dynamics that we work through every day.

As a social media assistant, he’s gotten his wish. He’s able to meet people from the industry and put his creative spin out there into the strange fusion of art and socialising that is modern social media. In the past, Francisco worked with musicians and producers; he recorded albums, directed music sessions videos, and produced cultural events. His experience with these ventures will doubtlessly come in handy while he works here. Social media teams are tricky things to organise, and the more teams we have for different markets and parts of the world, the better. This means that Francisco has found a very handy niche here, and we’re very much looking forward to the artsy blend of coordination and passion he can bring to our Latin American social media!