Avery May Parker

You know her from her exploits with Key Loch, you’ve seen her take the Planet Blue Pictures Youtube by storm with her Sync Pitches, now give a warm welcome to Avery May Parker, the original Key Loch vocalist and one of the most well-known members of the group to date! Avery has provided leading vocals on the band’s debut hit Where Is The Love and their followup Come Home To Me, and has also provided backing vocals on Another Bad Day and Out There. Her time with the band has been special and memorable, and she’s also demonstrated her other abilities with the Sync Pitches she’s created for Blue Pie and DJ Central! She spearheaded the effort with her team and the results are fantastic. Straight from our Film Production Partners and License Team, these Sync Concepts show off the very best of our music, paired with footage montages that demonstrate just what kind of moods the songs could pair with!

When she’s not performing as a music artist, Avery works full-time to create the series that we call “Mashups”, and as you can see from the results on our partner channel of Planet Blue, the videos and their quality speak for themselves. We can also expect plenty more sweet vids in the future, on specific topics, Sync Concepts, and artists in general! Avery shows off her experience behind the curtain with these contributions, as would befit someone who has worked with Theatrix Performing Arts, IICONIC Creative, the Shellharbour City Council, and many many other roles! A jack of all trades and a master of them all, at that.

Avery works very closely with the group known as Key Loch, the main duo of which are Damien Reilly and Justin Gross. They are the founders of the 90’s power Aussie Rock Band Southpaw. They bring together a production history between them of 50 years of song writing and playing live music in Australia, and work together with the likes of Gabe Rizza and Sahra, as well as Avery of course. Her vocals and lyrical artistry are one of the key ingredients that give the band the unique identity that they have. Just listen to these hits and try NOT to feel something! The passion in every song will prove quite the adversary to that end…

The future is bright and Key Loch are wearing shades as they unlock the musical doors of your mind and fill it full of awesome music. This is the beginning of something amazing and the world can never have enough of GREAT tunes. And with Avery as one of their greatest performers moving forward, this team is proving to be truly unstoppable. The best of Key Loch can be found in Avery’s contributions to it, whether they be vocal or behind the scenes… but as an artist alone, she’s phenomenal! Just listen to that mo-town talent and get ready to sway.

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A seasoned professional in the music industry with a string of hit singles, Password aka Patrick Mathias is going from strength to strength as a true artist. Born Patrick Mathias in Cross River, Nigeria, Password got widespread recognition for his contribution to the Davido single ‘Gobe’, which peaked at #1 on MTV Base’s Official Naija Top Ten Chart. He has continued to write for artists such as Darey, Praiz, General Pype, and other A-list artists in the industry.

Password has a vested interest in creating a synergy between contemporary music and Afrobeats in his work as a producer and songwriter. He produces for artists who wish to explore this fusion of genres whilst retaining their authenticity as an artist.

His solo career further demonstrates his artistic growth in production, song writing and singing. His debut single ‘Amaghimo’ introduced the world to a man using his strength at fusing music genres to spread his devotion to faith. His recent track ‘Focus’ is a prime example of his creative development as a multi-talented artist. He has also contributed music to several films, winning Best Soundtrack at the Nollywood Movies Awards for Hoodrush (2013).

Password has been making his mark on the music industry for numerous years, and is determined to further his artistic aspirations through faith and gratitude. As he says: “Sometimes words ain’t just enough to articulate your appreciation to God for everything He has done. Not the appreciation that is influenced by His gifts to you, but His presence with you. Goodness is His nature, so I rest in this knowing as I thank Him for both the good and the bad.”
In 2019, Password signed a global distribution and publishing agreement with Blue Pie Records USA and Blue Pie Publishing USA. Password is a DJ Central/Blue Pie Records USA artist.

Kay L

After being acclaimed as the #1 opening act in Canada, Juno nominated artist Kay L has shown absolutely no signs of slowing down. Born in Zimbabwe, Africa and raised in the 5th District of Calgary’s North East squadrant, Kay L is probably most known for his work with the group District 5. Known for his clever lyricism and intoxicating choruses, Kay L has established a sound that is nothing short of unique.

Touring with the likes of: NAS, SNOOP DOGG, AKON, RIHANNA, FLO-RIDA, THE GAME, REDMAN & METHODMAN, ASHANTI, GINUWINE, SEAN KINGSTON, OBIE TRICE, MARIO, FABOLOUS, PITBULL, BOYZ II MEN, EVE, D12, JOE BUDDEN and many more. Kay L has also been able to extend his talents far beyond his stomping grounds to countries such as Jamaica, where he toured with Drum n Dj a group whom he has experienced much radio success with.

As Kay L says: “I feel both blessed and honoured, to be given the opportunity to perform with such successful artists, I feel every show is an opportunity to learn and grow. Performing is honestly a part of who I am“.

Through the success of his first mix-tape “Nightshift”, the countless A-list artists he has toured with, his witty yet intelligent lyrical skill blended with his compelling and contagious personality both on and off the stage, Kay L has created a buzz that is unrivalled by any other independent artist in the Nation, Stay tuned for his upcoming album “LOST”.

Kay L is a WON Agency artist and distributed under DJ Central Records and Blue Pie Records for the world.

DL Down3r

DL Down3r, born James Williams, is a Californian west coast rapper who left 10 years of prison behind him, and went on to record his global viral hit “Suga Boom Boom”, becoming the social star known as “Mr Suga Boom Boom”.

His music is filled with passion, heart and soul. Since becoming a free man, Down3r has changed his life and the lives of many others. With the release of his hot viral hit “Suga Boom Boom” on Blue Pie Records USA, life has never been better. Through fierce and funky west coast rap, Down3r shares his prolific work with the rest of the world and the stage with west coast rap legends such as Coolio, Brown Boy, Jay Tablet, Lil Young, Baby Bash, Steel City Hustlers, King Z and DJ Kane to name a few. From powerful messages, lyrical poetry and sharp comments on society, to G-funk and Trap/EDM turn-up songs, he proves that age and experience is the opposite of a liability in today’s rap game.

DL Down3r delivers a wide catalogue of Hip Hop’s best sub-genres, and puts you through almost every emotion possible. After signing to Blue Pie Records and DJ Central Records in 2015, he made a name for himself in 2016 with his major hit “Suga Boom Boom”. The song became as influential as could be in today’s digital era, and put Down3r on the map of West Coast rap. From a young age, DL hasn’t had the easiest life. Growing up in some of the toughest neighborhoods in Los Angeles and being locked up in federal prison for 10 years, Down3r has walked down roads that many people never travel, and in some cases would never want to.
Thanks to his passion for music, Down3r focused on his artistic career and put blood, sweat and tears into a body of work that would eventually put his old life behind him, start a new chapter and spread a message to inspire people.

With support slots with major Hip Hop and Urban acts completed, and over 350 shows under his belt since 2015, the momentum is not slowing down. Down3r’s supernova star just keeps getting brighter and brighter, and with tens of thousands of fans and growing, his supportive community are restless in their pursuit of making his work known! There is no need for hype and spin, or slick marketing statements, as the social media stats speak for themselves. If there is such a comment that can describe the impact that Down3r has had, it could only be that since releasing Suga Boom Boom, “he broke the internet“. With over 170,000,000 YouTube plays and counting, over 14 million plays on Spotify, over 20 million plays on Apple Radio, constant downloads on all major retailers, and a touring schedule that does not stop, this is not the first or last time you will be hearing “Suga Boom Boom”, or any of Down3r’s other stories of life through his music. James Williams aka Downer is a Blue Pie Records USA artist, and his work is available at all leading digital streaming retailers and download stores on the planet! Just search “DL Down3r Suga Boom Boom”! DL Down3r is published for the world by Blue Pie Publishing USA ( ASCAP )

Bigg Cixx

Give a warm welcome to Bigg Cixx! This west coast rapper brings the Cali heat everywhere he goes, especially in his excellent fiery flow. Some of you may know him from his collaboration with DL Down3r and Spez Loaks in “No L’s”, but Bigg Cixx has certainly brought his own brand of awesome hits to the table time and again! Belting out single after single on Spotify, this man cannot be stopped, nor would anyone want him to stop! Check out this playlist of the best his work has to offer and get ready to discover your new hip hop favourites that you’ll bump whenever you’re cruising around the neighbourhood!

Legit some of the best tracks to have come out of the West Coast in a while, and we’re lucky to have Bigg Cixx on our ever-expanding roster! Bigg Cixx has got genuine talent, as is evident from the variances in his flow. Many rappers claim to be able to take it from 0-100, but Cixx puts it in motion, starting off with slow flow on his hook then moving into a beat that you can really bump to. This distinct style can be heard in his other works too, especially with the slapper New Fresh Prince! Bringing us back to the days of copypasta memes and 90s nostalgia with just a hint of G-Funk!

Bigg Cixx represents the West Coast hip hop community with pride, just like DL Down3r, Spez Loaks, and the rest of his crew. He’s an up and coming star that brings something fresh to the rap scene, that’s also classic in a whole new way. We’re privileged to have him on the team, and we’re glad to be riding with the best names in hip hop all year round!

Missy Crissy

Missy Crissy is a Romanian recording artist. Inspired by her mother, Missy Crissy’s career started at a very young age. Her mother’s legacy was not an easy one to match, given that she was a very famous singer in the Republic of Moldova, the place Missy Crissy was born. Despite this, Missy Crissy rose valiantly to the challenge!

Missy was introduced to this special world called “Music” when she could barely speak. The steps were obvious, and soon she started to participate at every music contest, her passion growing well! Her parents decided to move to Romania for better opportunities. Her first song ever recorded was with a hip hop artist and the experience was amazing. This would foreshadow her later collaborations with artists such as B-Bless…

At the age of 16 she started to work in the studio proper. There, Missy met the guys that put her on the stage with a live band for the first time! Working at such a young age was a very good opportunity for her to discover herself as an artist, and to be discovered by others. With Missy’s next collaboration she recorded her 2nd track with a popular European hip hop band. The project stood by for quite a long time till she was discovered by a recording artist named Smiley, who is also the owner of one of the biggest recording labels in Europe “HaHaHa Production”. That’s when things started to move fast!

Missy recorded her first single with HaHaHa Productions – “Let Your Love Out”. Very soon after the video was released, the song was a massive success! In August 2011, Missy Crissy toured this track throughout Asia. Spotting talent, many brands jumped on-board as sponsors, including “Chivas Regal”, which was a massive achievement for an emerging new artist. This lead to Missy Crissy featuring in the Elle Fashion Show Magazine in 2012. With a global fan base and brands now wanting to be part of the Missy brand, success was assured!

Fast forward to December 2015, and with the help of B2K’s Raz B, Missy was scouted. She was spotted in her natural element, performing in Shanghai. A better job interview, you couldn’t ask for! A few quick calls from Raz B to the team at DJ Central Records in Hong Kong later, and Missy was signed to a world wide publishing and recording deal in a heartbeat. Her 1st release was her self titled album “Missy Crissy”. A year later and she was rolling in popularity, seeing millions of plays on Youtube, with her fanbase growing to this very day! Throughout 2016, she performed in Europe and China, and a year later, she featured in “Passenger”, a smash hit single from the one and only B-Bless!